SEO optimization with Google Plus

SEO optimization with Google PlusSEO optimization with Google + - In the era of the Google blog perankingan Panda gets harder, it makes most bloggers feel frustrated because a lot of blogs and even got a penalty because it had violated several rules of google previously allowed. But on the other hand, there are some effective SEO optimization techniques to do one is using Google's social networking i.e. Google + to help boost the position of Google SERP page. How to SEO optimization with the help of Google +?

Google created Google Plus social networking as having a positive signal for the SEO of a blog. Of course in this case Google is hoping that Google Plus would become the biggest contributor that signal compared to facebook or twitter.

Google Plus Help index of articles
If you are linking to a blog with a google account plus you, then every article you create will be automatically published on the home page of your google account plus you. The difference between an external link from facebook and google plus is in its nature. Link your google account plus are dofollow, so it is giving great opportunities on the index. While the external link from facebook, although the amount reaches the thousands even millions of fixed those links are nofollow.
Want to get the index more? Look for a lot of people who are famous enough to be added into the circle you in google plus, then automatically the article or blog that you share on google plus there would be on google page plus those that are dofollow.
Maybe you're still confused, who famous people? Is the person notable on google plus is they have a lot of people on google plus his circle. Could probably 1000 people, 2000 people even up to 10000 people on google plus a circle.

Google adds to your credibility Plus of Authorship
Rich snippet shows how many people that add you into their circle. The number of people adding you into this circle, it could be strengthen your credibility in the eyes of the visitors of the blog. Even very likely credibility is not only viewed by your visitors but also by search engine robots.
Another purpose of google makes social networking a plus, google is to ease the process of monitoring authorship information on his blog. Google wants to pay attention to the bottom line blog that really its author to be trusted.
Automatically clear its author a blog, and have a lot of people on the circle of the author will get a high level of credibility in the eyes of google.

Google Plus improve the position of a blog on SERP
For sure you will ask, how google plus gives top ranking to a blog on the SERP?
In fact very simple. Let's say you have 500 follower on the circle You in google plus, then You mempublish an article on google plus page, then Your article there will be automatic at 500 links are dofollow. Imagine, a dofollow link to 500 backlinks for the article recently published in once. Is this not promising high ranking on SERP? It is easy isn't it?

Tips SEO Optimization with Google +
The following simple steps blog SEO optimization with googe plus you can do easily, but remember to do the following tips with natural. Because google's own hate spam activities.

Share any blog post on Google +
To integrate with Google and that's closer to him, any good blog postings on the social networking account share Google + PAL. Other benefits that would be obtained in addition to friendly with google, that allows posting got a visit from a user of Google + others.

Share a post with the original URL
The original URL of the post using share, our blog will get free backlinks and unmitigated dofollow backlink is either. Enjoy the quality backlinks from Google + friends.

Setting Up Public Share
When we allot of posts to Google account, don't forget to setting up public share in this manner will allow PAL to give information directly to Google. Google + which is basically owned by Google of course will be visited by spider bot so quickly gets a chance to index blogs will increasingly wide.

Get + 1
+ 1 helps content get a place in the hearts of Google. Why is this so? Because the number of + 1 is one of the factors that made google as a reference if the content is useful or not. When such content would surely benefit many users of Google + will + 1 as a thank you to us.

How does PAL? Whether you want to try optimizing SEO with the help of the Google + SEO friendly? Please try and hopefully fruition that corresponds to what we want. Oiya SEO optimization techniques with Google + already evidenced by some bloggers in Google search engine but to Ask, Bing and Yahoo or another search engine is still no tangible results. Who knew influential also, please try.